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Creative translation

Companies increasingly seek to present their client portfolios to the world. To do so successfully, they need translation services and the support of a trusted language associate. This is particularly true of the marketing, advertising, communications and events sectors. Our translators adapt content to the specific cultural aspects of the target country. We translate the message.

Websites / SEO

CCompanies in all sectors understand that simply translating their websites is not enough for them to achieve search engine visibility. To effectively position themselves at an international level, it is essential to optimise the translated sections of their websites in keeping with the best SEO practices. We translate websites into every language, and we work with English language SEO content experts, for texts originally written in Spanish, Catalan and French.

Multi-lingual Translation Project Management

Managing translations into different languages is a major challenge for any company. It requires a comprehensive solution that involves selecting the profile of the ideal translation team for each language and the strict planning of delivery times, as well as a manager who can ensure that all the languages adhere to the same image and style.

Specialised translation

Many companies are faced with having to translate highly technical content with extremely specific language and terminology.
We have professional translators with specialised training in different fields, including technical, scientific, legal and other specific areas.

  • Technical: automotive, industry, construction and electricity.
  • Scientific: medical, pharmaceutical, biodiversity, renewable energies and environment.
  • Legal: judicial, financial, banking and insurance.
  • Creative: literary, operatic and publishing
  • Toys: adaptation of board games, product descriptions and websites
  • Gastronomy: restaurant menus, websites, the Michelin Guide, product labels and training, among others

Audiovisual translation

A specialised service managed by a team of professionals in both translation and the audiovisual sector.


Creation and adaptation of subtitles.


Text generation and recording.


Translation of scripts for dubbing (translation and adaptation).

Professional transcription

Different languages (any audio or video format) subtitled for any type of contents.

Special requirements

Subtitling for the deaf or hard-of-hearing. Audio Guides (Standard UNE 153020): for the visually impaired.

Sworn and legal translations

A sworn translation is one which is fully legal vis-à-vis the official bodies; it is a legal document. A sworn translation is certified and stamped by an official translator who specialises in legal, judicial, financial and corporate terminology. This translator is a professional with all the qualifications required by the Spanish and European authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

  • Public and private documents, public instruments, corporate Articles of Association, contracts, official certificates, civil registry certificates, academic records, university degrees, sales contracts, leases, insurance, inheritance and patents, among others
  • Lawsuits (criminal and civil law): judgements and court rulings
  • Police documentation: criminal records, birth and marriage certificates, official family records, national identification cards and passports
  • Adoption proceedings

Legal translation

A translation that requires specialisation in the legal or economic fields yet does not need to be officially certified, is referred to as “legal translation”.

  • Agreements and preliminary agreements with other companies and contracts with suppliers
  • Documentation on occupational health & safety, occupational risk prevention, insurance, among others.
  • Personal data transfers, texts on data protection and confidentiality agreements
  • Banking documents and annual reports.

Interpreting service (onsite and online)

Precision and confidentiality are the cornerstone of this service. We can accommodate any type of interpreting service: simultaneous, consecutive, online, liaison and sworn.

We have an expert team who will guide you and ensure quality and accuracy in your interviews, conferences, seminars, press conferences, meetings and product presentations, among others, whether onsite or online.

RSI: remote simultaneous interpreting

RSI can provide contents to many people at different locations, in different languages, both simultaneously and remotely.

We offer:

  • Online seminar format, with a single speaker addressing the public.
  • Conference format, with different speakers who are connected and intervene in succession or hold a dialogue via a computer, tablet or mobile connection.
  • With the public or the interpreters either connected from home or together in a conference room or specialised technical centre. The translation is received on their mobile phones or traditional receivers.
  • Sign language interpretation, with images.
  • Streaming on different platforms and on the client’s own website.
  • With or without interaction with the participants.

Onsite: simultaneous or consecutive?

  • Simultaneous interpreting

    The interpreter listens to the speaker on headphones and at the same time translates into the target language, using a microphone.
    We can make the arrangements for the necessary technical equipment in case none is available to you.

  • Consecutive interpreting

    The interpreter sits or stands beside the speaker, listening directly and translating each idea into the target language. This technique requires the interpreter’s mastery of notetaking, summarising and language reprocessing skills.

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