Professional Translators
helping you communicate with the world

At Dedicat, we know that obtaining a good translation is a complex task where a single error can have drastic impact on a company. Having a recognised language specialist at your side enables you to delegate all your translation needs with total peace of mind.

Language Services

Creative translation

Your message, our words

Websites / SEO

Borderless communication. The language of the Internet

Multi-lingual projects

Translating any problem into a solution

Specialized translation

No machines here; just people

Audiovisual translation

Translation is not just words

Sworn translation

The loyalty of a partner

Interpreter service

Talking with the world: onsite and online


We take care of your communication and your image

Clients who trust us with their words

Opening up a world of languages

Consult the possible language combinations.

Professional translations. Over 25 years of experience

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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